Thumbnail for Excerpts – plugin for WordPress

Thumbnail For Excerpts allow easily, without any further work, to add thumbnails wherever you show excerpts (archive page, feed…).

My plugins:


2.0 [December 8, 2009]
– plugin rewritten
– ready for WordPress 2.9
– many changes

1.3 [November 22, 2008]
– working now with GIF and PNG also
– working now also with WordPress installations which do not use wp_ for tables
– tested for WP 2.7

1.2 [September 9, 2008]
– can create thumbnails if do not exists

1.1 [September 6, 2008]
– some suggestion implemented (link, title, max dim)

1.0 [August 13, 2008]
– first release


The idea of this plugin is to make excerpts have an image near. By default, WordPress strip every tag in excerpts, including images, so the look can be boring. Since WordPress 2.9 there is a mechanism for thumbnails, which still ask for some coding. Not with this plugin! With this plugin your life is easier! Keep in mind that this plugin use the new feature from WordPress 2.9, but works with previous versions too. It will use any specific thumbnail you have indicated manually. In the same time, it will provide automatically thumbnails for all the posts (previous posts for example) which have at least one image, but no manually-indicated thumbnail.

Important: Showing thumbnails in excerpts will not *always* look nice. It depends a lot on the theme you choose. Anyway, with some CSS knowledge, it can work nicely. And if you upload photos in posts only from web, it will go 99% perfectly. Make the tests and keep the plugin if you like the results.


The plugin is simple to install:

1. Download the zip file
2. Unpack the zip. You should have a directory called `thumbnailforexcerpts`, containing several files and folders
3. Upload the `thumbnailforexcerpts` directory to the `wp-content/plugins` directory on your WordPress installation.
4. Activate plugin

It will work immediately!

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t use WordPress 2.9. It will crash my blog?

No, but it’s better to use latest WordPress. Should work from 2.5, but I’ve only tested on 2.8.

I use the new feature from WordPress 2.9!

Good. This plugin will use what you define as thumbnails for posts.

I don’t use the new feature from WordPress 2.9!

Well, no problem. I guess it’s difficult to come everytime in back-end to define a thumbnail for a post. This plugin will provide first image from the post as thumbnail.

I don’t see the images!

Check first if your images have thumbnails. WordPress create 2 thumbnail for every image you upload in your posts (you can go with FTP in your-blog/wp-content/uploads/ – eventually year/month/ – and check if each image has also small versions, meaning picture.jpg to have also picture-150×150.jpg). If you go to this page you should see 150×150 for thumbnail size, 300×300 for medium size… You can choose other values, but keep in mind that what you choose for WordPress thumbnails should be equal or greater that what you choose above in this page. If you put (in the past) 0x0 not to have thumbnails generated for each image… than you have an explanation why this plugin do not work for you. Don’t worry. You can activate above Regenerate, or better use the plugin indicated as a description near Regenerate option.

The thumbnail image is too close to text!

Use some CSS! All thumbnail images have a class: wp-post-image (and also tfe). You can indicate margin: 0px 5px 0px 0px; for example, if images is left align. In your theme directory you have a style.css where you need to write some rules for thumbnail images.

The previous version was working for me, this not!

Than use the previous version. You can find all the version here.


1. By default it shows on left side, with 100 set as width

2. Now in the right side, with 50 as width

3. This screenshot is done in Firefox, showing the feed: yes, the thumbnails are there too!


There is a settings page for this plugin.


Download Thumbnail For Excerpts.

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