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This is the page for altPWA plugin. I wrote this plugin last year, and use it from than on several of my websites and on my friends website. It’s so easy to use! I decided in the end to make it available to everyone, in sign of my gratitude for WordPress and WordPress community.

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Now jump to download, screenshots and demo, installation and usage, configuration, help.


Screenshots and demo

Hey, you don’t have to believe me! See the screenshots. In the first screenshot you see a page which list all the albums from a Picasa account. I just wrote in that page

[altpwa user=manastur1vest]

In this second screenshot, you can see just one album, after I click on that album in the list you’ve seen it above. But I can easily embed only one album if I want, using

[altpwa user=manastur1vest album=PrimaImpartasanieDeRusalii]

Now it’s time to see some photo. If the design is thin, maybe you will prefer to use Lightbox.

But there is always the option to have the picture inside the page, as below.

And finally, take a look at the administration page. There are several useful option here.

If you want to see the plugin in action, than I recommend you some sites which use it:

Installation and usage

1. Download the zip file
2. Unpack the zip. You should have a directory called `altpwa`, containing several files and folders
3. Upload the `altpwa` directory to the `wp-content/plugins` directory on your WordPress installation. It is important you retain the `altpwa` directory structure
4. Activate plugin

To use it just to that. If you want to have a page to list and show all your albums from Picasa Web Albums, wrote in a blank page

[altpwa user=…]

and instead of … indicate your Google username from Picasa Web Albums.

If you want to show only one album, in a post for example, wrote in a blank post

[altpwa user=… album=…]

where of course the … are replaced with your username and the album. For example, I have an album like that

Than to embed it on a post I will use

[altpwa user=foto.capan album=BratislavaZiuaI]

That’s all!


From the configuration page (see the screenshot above) you can choose for example the number of rows and columns when an album is shown. You can also choose different size for the images. You have

– the big image, with possible sizez 576,640,720,800 (limitation by Picasa)
– the thumbnail (of the album or of the images in the album)
– the little thumbnails below the big image, with possible sizes 32,48,64,160 (cropped squared) and 144,200,288,400,512 (original ratio)

You can also opt in configuration page if to use Lightbox or not.

For Romanian readers:
Aceasta este pagina pentru pluginul altpWA. În curând va fi şi un text în limba română.

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